'Chess clock plus':
Known name due to common use for the chess game,
in fact available and also for other 'On Table'-Games with and only 2 sides.
the Clock adds the dimension of time to the game: planning, self responsibilities,
which could enrich the game, as well as the aspiration to fairness and to equality conditions.
Yet another advantage with adding the chess clock to game:
Players that are not in equal levels, May meet together on board and with more interest:
so that extra time (in accordance) will be added to the player considered the least strong.

Type of - stopwatch/timer:
It seems that this stopwatch/timer is accurate, (perhaps more),
physical education teacher/s with access to a Laptop: are welcome and happily.

the Standard chess clock is A convenient device, lightweight, as well as portable,
This tool : the screen is the clock display, keyboard or computer mouse: his buttons.

First has to check that:
You can sit comfortably on both sides of the screen,
There is reasonable space on the table for: screen & keyboard or mouse & game board.

True that these are the development possibilities to the PC,
also True that with a laptop: conditions allows more convenient of use.

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